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Carole Fredericks gospel soul music

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Carole Fredericks’ Best of soon available

Carole Fredericksnews
Published on 29 September 2011

Carole Fredericks was born on 5 June 1952 in Springfield, Massachusetts, in a family of musicians. She passed away on 7 June 2001. Her 7 brothers and her sister created a musical environment that influenced young Carole from her very first years. One of her brothers, Taj Mahal, is a very famous Bluesman.

In 1979, on a whim, she leaves for France. Everything goes so very fast: she signs a contract for her Black Orchid record, and is frequently hired as a backup singer to renowned artists such as Mireille Mathieu, Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine, Serge Gainsbourg, France Gall, etc. Carole Fredericks is a highly sought-after backup singer in the 1980-90’s and often sings with her friends Ann Calvert, Yvonne Jones, Joniece Jamison, Debbie Davis and Beckie Bell, in recording studios or on stage.

In 1990, she joins Jean-Jacques Goldman and Michael Jones and they form the trio, Fredericks Goldman Jones. The result of their cooperation will be two studio and two live albums as well as three road shows and thousands of fans… tons of records sold. This adventure had started four years prior when she toured with Jean-Jacques Goldman, and the trio was naturally born out of their experience.

The album Best Of de Carole Fredericks, a retrospective of her best songs remastered as well as a tribute to her immense talent, will be released on 7 November 2011 by Legacy Recordings.

And her friend Jean Jacques GOLDMAN best expresses the emotion and anticipation around this album:

“Listening to these songs, 10 years after she left us, I am stunned by the omnipresence of blues. I had forgotten that she approached every note with such a bluesy tone while she was joy, laughter and happiness each and every second. Blues in her soul and in her voice, and blue in her life… This might be what describes her best. This is what made her unique.”

Dedication from Taj Mahal

Welcome to a fabulous celebration! What you hold in your hand is the love, the voice, the music of my baby sister Carole Denise Fredericks. Many people did not know she and I were siblings. You would know if you were close to our family. Also we were raised to establish ourselves on our own merit. Carole did this extremely well.

To her "Famille Française" I am eternally grateful. You took great and loving care of my sister. I saw this with my own eyes on the many visits I made to Europe and times we were together on tour.

I am thrilled to see this amazing compilation and the on-going interest in Carole's music. I had and have all respect for my sister as an artist. When you hear this music you will fall in love all over again and realize why you fell in love the first time only now this time is better.

Enjoy Carole!

"Tous les jours ce n'est pas la même chose"

With all my love,
Taj Mahal

A versatile performer, Carole Fredericks sang in both French and English. Carole's voice and passion are still with us on these solo albums...

Springfield (1996)

Review by Tom Branson

Bluesrocker Online Review

Springfield (1996, JRG/Fr) is a collection of 14 excellent tracks, with 12 containing Carole Fredericks' original lyrics. The material is mostly Gospel, blues, and R&B flavored with a dash or rock or funk thrown in every now and then for extra seasoning. Ms. Fredericks was accompanied on this set by the wonderfully talented Lafayette Inspirational Ensemble of Brooklyn, NY. The musicians here are also world class and the band is tight, talented, and more than a match for every style represented here. There is even a most enjoyable duet featuring Ms. Fredericks and her famous brother Taj Mahal.

There is so much fabulous music on this album and at the center of it all is the incredible voice, energy, and spirit that was and always will be Carole Fredericks. Having grown up in a household where my late Father loved Mahalia Jackson, I found myself spellbound by this recording. Like Mahalia Jackson, Albertina Walker, and other great gospel singers of that era, Carole Fredericks’ music spoke deeply to me and stirred many emotions, memories, both good and bad. These are real songs about real life; songs of faith, of struggles, of love and joy, and ultimately of victory.

If I were to point you to one track it would be the original song Change. Change seems to be an accurate representation of what Carole Fredericks was, is, and will always be: powerful, emotional vocals. Carole presents a very personal story of the battles of life being overcome by grace and redemption, faith and hope – gifts that are available to all of mankind.

Her spirit lives on through the songs of Springfield… it remains today calling anyone who will listen to the same life of peace, hope, and infectious joy that characterized Ms. Fredericks' brief time here. If you are a fan of gospel or blues vocals, you will want to own a copy of Springfield.



2013 International Songwriting Competition (ISC)

  • Let Him Be Blues (Carole Fredericks / Jacques Veneruso) - Honorable Mention in the “Blues” category
  • Shine (Carole Fredericks/Erick Benzi) - Honorable Mention in the “Gospel / Christian” category

2008 International Songwriting Competition

  • Reason To Stay (Gildas Arzel / Carole Fredericks) - Honorable Mention in the “Blues” category
  • Shine (Erick Benzi / Carole Fredericks) - Honorable Mention in the “Gospel / Christian” category

2004 Just Plain Folks (JPF) Music Awards

  • Best Gospel Album: Springfield
  • Best Gospel Song: Shine (Erick Benzi/CaroleFredericks)
  • Best Gospel Song 2nd Place: Save My Soul (Erick Benzi/CaroleFredericks)

Carole Fredericks' Springfield album is available on the web at

CAROLE FREDERICKS: Couleurs Et Parfums Reissue CD With Bonus Track "Veille" (2008)

Sleevenotes by Phil Aldridge

BBC Radio in the South Blues and World Music Hours

I’ve listened to Couleurs et Parfums (1999, Reissue 2007), only her second solo effort, countless times and what still amazes me is the fluid grace with which Carole moved from one “genre” to another, although of course it was all one music to her. Just listen to her sultry soul/gospel intonation at the start of “Qu’est-ce qui t’amène”, the samples and blues rap (why does rap sound so sophisticated “en francais”?) on “J’ai le sang blues” anticipating today’s “nu-bluz” by ten years, the duo in the main Senegalese language Wolof with Nicole Amovin on “Kaai Djallema/Time After Time” (yes, the Cindi Lauper hit) and the West African reggae of “Respire”, very akin to the Wass reggae of Askia Modibo although in fact penned by Jean-Jacques Goldman. And that’s just the first four tracks! The remainder of the CD is yet more in that vein with Carole even turning her hand to a duet with French boy band Poetic Lover on “Personne ne saurait” and as if that wasn’t enough to convince you just wait till you hear the late-hours soul ballad “Tu es là”. There is no filler on this CD just a huge variety of sounds – just what would she have been capable of had she lived?”

Listen to Couleurs et Parfums with open ears and, more importantly, an open heart and you will understand how Carole Fredericks has touched so many people through her life and ultimately through the lasting legacy of her music - Tant qu’elle chante, elle vit… As long as she sings, she lives.

CAROLE FREDERICKS: Couleurs Et Parfums Reissue CD is available on the web at

Fredericks Goldman Jones

...and on the recordings by the electrifying, magnetic rock trio Fredericks Goldman Jones. Together with writer/producer/lead guitarist, Jean-Jacques Goldman, and second guitarist, Michael Jones, Carole was catapulted into prominence in the French-speaking world. Fredericks Goldman Jones took world stages by storm. The trio toured extensively throughout Europe, South East Asia, Japan, Africa and the French-speaking world. They released:
  • Pluriel: The Best of Fredericks Goldman Jones 1990 - 1996 (2000)
  • Du New Morning Au Zenith (1994, Platinum)
  • Rouge Recorded in Moscow with Russia's Red Army Choir (1993, Diamond)
  • Sur Scène (1992, Platinum)
  • Fredericks Goldman Jones (1990, Debut album, Diamond) Limited release in the United States

"[Carole] arrived in France in 1979. Shortly afterwards she launched a career as a studio musician - i.e. one of those people with extraordinary technical skills who put her talent at the service of other singers. In the course of her career Carole provided backing vocals for a lot of different singers and that is how I came to meet her myself"

                -  Jean-Jacques Goldman.
Recording by Fredericks Goldman Jones (Jean-Jacques Goldman) are available at,, and

Solo albums

  • Black Orchid (1979, Carla Music)
  • Springfield (1996, M6 Interactions)
  • Couleurs et Parfums (1999, BMG)

Studio albums / Groups

Live albums


  • Les Enfoirés La Compil’ (volume 2) (2001 EMI Music)
  • Enfoirés en 2000 (2000, BMG)
  • Les Enfoirés Dernière édition avant l’an 2000 (1999, BMG)
  • Enfoirés en coeur (1998, WEA Music)
  • le Zénith des Enfoirés (1997, BMG)
  • la Soirée des Enfoirés 96 (1996, WEA Music)
  • Les Enfoirés La Compil’ (1996, WEA Music)
  • Pluriel 90/96 (1996, Columbia) with Jean-Jacques Goldman and Michael Jones
  • les Enfoirés à l'Opéra Comique (1995, TSR)
  • les Enfoirés au Grand Rex (1994, WEA Music)
  • les Enfoirés chantent Starmania (1993, Columbia)
  • la soirée des Enfoirés à l'Opéra (1992, Columbia)

Other Credits

Carole was the voice of featured characters in two Alan Simon children’s albums:

  • Les Enfants du Futur (Walt Disney Records/Fr, 1996)
  • Le Petit Arthur (Polygram Music/ Les Editions de l’Enchanteur, 1995)
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