Black singer in Paris

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Carole Fredericks gospel soul music

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Always willing to lend her support for worthy causes, Carole contributed her talents at concerts and on recordings for AIDS victims, the Make-a-Wish Foundation, and Amnesty International. She performed for nine seasons with Les Enfoirés on behalf of Les Restos du Cœur, an organization set up by French humorist, Claude Coluche (whose former wife Véronique Colucci took over at his death), to care for the hungry and homeless in France.

"A larger than life figure with a generous spirit, Carole was a performer who threw herself into her live performances body and soul. She liked nothing more than getting involved in fund-raising tours with singers and musician friends. Indeed, Carole was a regular at charity concerts organized by Restos du Cœur and Les Enfoirés. On March 8th (2001)... she brought the house down at "Voix de l'Espoir [Voices of Hope]" concert organized on International Women's Day. Taking the stage at Club Med World in Paris with a host of other female singers including Princess Erika, Jocelyne Beroard, Rokia Traoré and Lââm, Carole helped to raise much needed funds for the construction of a Pan-African children's hospital in Dakar [Senegal, West Africa]."

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