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Carole Fredericks: Honoring an American Sister’s French Musical Legacy

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Born into an African American family with deep cultural roots in the Carolinas and West Indies, Carole Fredericks moved to Paris in 1979 to pursue her dream of a music career. Leaving her country behind but not her roots, she emerged as a powerful singer who wove the passionate threads of blues, jazz, gospel and R&B into a uniquely French tapestry.

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Live Performance
May 19, 1995
Paris Fr

On December 20, 2014 the Céline Dion team uploaded KNOCK ON WOOD to her official YouTube video page.

This is a terrific video of a rare performance, a duet by Céline Dion and the late Carole Fredericks. Jean-Jacques Goldman, Michael Jones, Claude LePeron, Christophe Deschamps plus Beckie Bell and Yvonne Jones round-out the full complement of performers.

Don’t miss Céline Dion and Carole Fredericks, together, two great singers in an unforgettable performance!
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